Safety on the B2100 Rotherfield Hill

Following recent accidents, a Petition has been started in Rotherfield to get speed limits and more improvements to this road.

If you might be interested, look at

where you and yours could each 'sign this petition'.

Be sure to enter your correct postcode as the internet can get it wrong!

The '' system is well respected but like most such systems it suggests a small fee at several stages. There is no need to pay any fee to sign or validate the Petition. No money is being collected.
Once you have signed the petition and seen the green banner thanking you for signing you can simply shut the web browser and then just wait until you are e-mailed to verify your e-mail address.

You will need to validate the e-mail you receive, otherwise your signature will not be counted. Again, there is no fee.

If you don't like internet and prefer paper, you can sign in Rotherfield.

The Rotherfield Parish Council is aware of this Petition and if we get enough signatures they will support it with the East Sussex County Council Highways authority, who can get changes done.

The full address linked above is: