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The project is developing a reliable multilingual dictionary of special terms used in health finance. Health insurance, institutional and medical terms are included if they are hard to find in general dictionaries. Special emphasis is given to terms which are country or health-system specific, and short definitions are added when necessary for wider understanding.


The original text was produced by the BKK Bundesverband in Essen in March 1992, as a 3-language pocket-size book for the service of the health finance community in Europe. It proved very popular. An expanded version of that text is now being reviewed by a number of authorities, under the editorial control of BKK. This website is the work-area for discussion and development of the text. Please respect the purpose and copyright of this work-site meanwhile.

This initiative has been supported by a grant from Directorate-General XXIII of the European Commission.


Special characters in the list have specific meanings:
+ secondary (equivalent) meaning follows
/ alternative (different) meaning follows
: explanation or definition follows
! unspecified misleading similarity or ambiguity in previous word
$ USA usage, or concept unique to USA (default is 'world english')
* attention please by reviewers
( ) ( ) informal comment/s by reviewer/s - reviewer's initials may appear
? new, suggested, or challenged term or translation not yet secure
Improved categorisation will also be progressively added. Visitors to the site are invited to comment via the archived link
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